The First Venture into a Brand New World

Hello, my name is Ryan Hoyt. I’m a 23 year old college graduate who just received a Bachelor’s in History from Northwestern College.

Wait, you knew that already? Great! If not, then it’s a pleasure to make your acquiantance!

As you can tell, i’m staring a brand new blog. I’ve tied this blog thing before, with some pretty mixed results ( However, this blog is going to be far more different, because I am dead set on making this blog legitimate. I am going to take this thing seriously, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it.

Some of you are probably wondering: Why are you all of a sudden starting a new blog, and WHY SO SERIOUS? (Sorry, had to. If you don’t know i’m a huge Batman geek now, you will eventually.) My reasons for creating this blog has a lot to do with what’s been on my mind lately. That being the age old question: What do I wanna do with my life? It’s something everyone goes through, and something I dealt with the last few months as I approached graduation. For the last year and a half i’ve known I was majoring in history and that was about it. What could I do with a degree like that. For the longest time I thought I would go into teaching. Heck, I was even an education major at one point.  ut the more I started to pursue that path, the less it appealed to me. It wasn’t the working with kids part of teaching that was unappealing, it was everything else. Lesson plans, meetings, and grading papers started to sound like an alternative form of torture, not something I could be passionate about. There wasn’t a lot of things I could do with a my degree that appealed to me. The closer and closer I got to graduating the more I freaked out. It was all starting to get to me. I prayed for some kind of guidance and direction

Thankfully, God decided to answer my prayers. At Northwestern, we would have chapel every morning. A couple weeks before graduation, a man named Jon Acuff spoke in chapel. On this day, Jon asked us a serious question: What if your dream job was a realistic possibility? Jon had been stuck a a dead end job, always feeling like he was meant to do more. Eventually, he lift his job and created the famous blog “Stuff Christians Like.” What he said after telling this story was what really struck me. He said “Figuring out what I felt called to do in life wasn’t like a light bulb turning on and me realizing something new. No, it was much more like re-discovering an old friend. It’s not learning to do something new, it’s doing something that you’ve always loved.” Upon hearing that, I felt like I had just taken a roundhouse kick to the stomach. I knew what it was that I had loved since I was a kid. I knew how I could use the skills I developed as a history major. I knew what it was I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

I wanted to write

I’ve loved to write ever since I was a kid. I’d write stories about far off lands and magical adventures. As I grew into a teenager, I started keeping a journal. When I got even older, I moved into other forms of creative writing. Since the start of high school I’ve written many poems and songs (some of which are quite embarrassing). I’ve always loved to write. I love doing so for one simple reason: I love putting words into form and telling a story.

This really manifested itself in college. Any college student is going to tell you that as an undergrad, you have to write a plethora of papers. Especially us history majors. In fact, that’s basically what we do. but here’s the weird thing. When everyone else is complaining about having to write a paper, I actually didn’t mind. It wasn’t just that I didn’t mind writing research papers, it’s that I loved doing it. I loved reading and researching original sources. I loved using the sources to tell one of history’s many wonderful stories. I recently wrote my senior seminar paper on Robespierre, which had to be a minimum of 20 pages. While others found that number nauseating, I could have easily written twice that. I loved writing. Anyways, rewinding back to Jon Acuff’s message. Upon re-realizing my love of writing, my dream job didn’t seem like a crazy scenario anymore. I said to myself:

“What if I actually could become a journalist. Even a sports journalist?”

This dream job didn’t seem so crazy. But I didn’t want to do radio (my voice sounds funny) and I didn’t want to do tv (my voice sounds funny AND my face looks funny). No. What I want to do is put words to paper and tell a story.

Upon this revelation, I prayed on it. And slept on it. Which brings me to yesterday, which is when I realized that this is absolutely the path that I want to pursue. It might mean more schooling (which means more loans), but I want that. Plus, I feel as though my history degree has absolutely prepared me to follow this point. Writing about history and doing journalism aren’t that different. Journalism writes about recent events and tries to analyze them, which is very similar to historical writing (albeit much more recent). As my friend Jared said, “journalism is just writing about future history happening in the present.” Many of my favorite writers have started out as history majors, including Bob Ryan, one of my favorite sportswriters. I intend to follow this same path.

This brings me back to the hypothetical question posed at the beginning of this blog. Why am I now restarting a blog? Simply put, experience. I want to get even better at this writing thing. The things I write on this blog will reflect the kinds of things I would like to write as a journalist. I’ll write a lot about sports. I’ll write a lot about news and current events. Heck, i’ll even write about life, the opposite sex and Jesus. It’s my hope that this blog can have something for everyone. So unless you hate sports and are atheistic, apathetic and asexual, (basically if you’re Sheldon Cooper) then this a blog for you!

I seriously can’t tell you guys how excited I am for this, and I hope you like it as much as I do. Any kind of feedback you want to give me is greatly appreciated. If you think I’m an idiot, please feel free to tell me so. I am going to keep doing this for a long time, but feedback would make this oh so much more fun. Thank you for taking the time to read this and starting this journey with me!

TTFN, Ta Ta For Now!

Ryan Hoyt

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One Response to The First Venture into a Brand New World

  1. Thoughts by Jamie says:

    Way to go Ryan! Looking forward to reading your stuff. Nice Sheldon Cooper reference.

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